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Herbal Relief Georgia - HRG

The company specializes in the import and distribution of Health & Beauty, wellness, CBD, food supplements, hemp oil related products in Georgia. HRG is one of the pioneers in the import and distribution of CBD in Georgia. The company is educating and leading the market of CBD and food supplements in the region.

Herbal Relief follows current and future trends of the nutraceutical industry. The objective of the company is to provide the possibility to enjoy the benefits of the modern developments in the healthcare and wellness industry worldwide.

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A lot of people around the world use CBD products to get relief from their symptoms. Our products are certified, we care about quality and we are extremely proud of our Team!
You can also explore all natural products that we deliver from official sources in our SHOP

Full-spectrum CBD oil – One of our most popular products. highest quality industrial hemp!

Advanced CBD Capsules

For Max Strengh

Advanced CBD Capsules

Esential advanced cbd capsules

Active Cbd Capsules
Active CBD Capsules

Each Active capsule containing 10mg CBD is as effective as taking 35mg of CBD oil.

Medical laboratory RESEARCHES

CBD Clinical Trials

Whilst CBD seems to be the new craze, many people still don’t fully understand the true benefits that CBD has to offer. The widespread notoriety of CBD has garnered a variety of clinical trials to be undertaken with the purpose of bringing awareness to how CBD affects the body. We believe our consumers should be fully educated on cannabidiol and have easy access to the various trials for themselves. As a result we are on the mission to create a full database with the newest and most reliable research conducted on CBD worldwide. Sources: CBD REAKIRO, CBD – Wikipedia
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Our certified and high quality product can now be delivered directly to your door with our CBD delivery service.

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Big Bud – Advanced Nutrients Advanced Nutrients Big Bud უზრუნველყოფს მცენარეს აუცილებელი ელემენტებით , რომლებიც არამხოლოდ ხელს უწყობენ კვირტების განვითარებას , არამედ ზრდიან მათ ზომასაც და ხარისხსაც. შედეგად ვიღებთ უხვ მოსავალს შესანიშნავი არომატით! დიდი ალბათობით თქვენ იმ გროვერების 91.7% ს მიეკუთვნებით , რომლებიც ყვავილობის გამაძლიერებს იყენებს , რათა ყვავილობის ყველა ციკლმა წარმატებით ჩაიაროს. ასე რომ ბუნებრივია გსურთ […]

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